Welcome to the extended edition of The F.Celebrity, one of the fastest growing Celebrity Blogs on the Internetwork. In this Series you will find a lot of Pop Diva’s that have made the tabloids for various reasons other than the reasons of Making Music.

As everyone will know, with the likes of “The White Shark” over on the Yahoo Groups Channel, there are far more Female Celebrities that place prints out into the Public Domain for the “Red Blooded Male” to see. It is the job of “The White Shark” to find these pictures and bring forth to its Viewers the magnificent results.

Inside you will find such Diva’s as Rihanna, Katy Perry, Girls Aloud, Pink, Tatu, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Lavine, Emma Bunton, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston, to name but a few. The rest will become history.

Pop X’s mission is to reach 1,000,000 Hits by January 1st 2012, if not a hell of a lot of Fairies, Elves and fucking good looking women are going to die…well, they could with it being 2012 – The year that the world is supposed to end for the Human Race. So get clicking.


The F.Celebrity 2011 Team